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Artist draws up revenge over graffiti crackdown

The Globe and Mail
September 12, 2007

Grande Prairie, Alta. — Vandals in Grande Prairie have shown they aren’t too impressed by a police crackdown on graffiti by tagging the RCMP building.

Corporal Riz Suleman says the Mounties aren’t happy about the spray paint art donation on the detachment’s east wall.

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Canada: Anarchists Attack Recruiting Center

On the night of sunday September 9th anarchists shattered the windows of the army recruiting center in Victoria, bc. Further encouraging the momentum of recent autonomous actions. Taking inspiration from the action on Thursday against the recruiting center in Vancouver and the actions on friday targeting city hall and a security van in Victoria. This action was carried out to illustrate two sides of the same useless coin which is the canadian state and its occupation of lands afar [Afganistan for example] and the territories of turtle island [North america]. Let our relationship to this system break like the thin glass that stands between us and the world without domination we desire.

-the unrecruitables

[Published on friendsofgrassynarrows.com, September 11, 2007]

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victoria bc actions

on the night of september 7 the locks of victoria city hall were glued shut and the tires of a posscan security company van were slashed. these small actions and the action on the night before where a army recruiting center was attacked can be seen as preemptive strikes against nato’s visit to victoria this saturday and sunday. however we also want to contribute to a momentum of actions that target both goverment and corporate interests directly and continually as the ineffectiveness of traditional peaceful protest becomes more and more obvious to us at least. from ongoing neo-imperialist wars outside of canada (afganistan as one example) to the every day social war (gentrification, orwellian surveillence technologies, racism and domination against native peoples, etc) inside canada big business and goverment continue to hold hands as they screw us over. we desire optimistically that actions against the state and capital, in whatever form, don’t stop when nato leaves town.

[Published on friendsofgrassynarrows.com, September 8, 2007]

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Canadian Armed Forces Recruiting Center Attacked

Thursday September 6, 2007

Early this morning the recruitment center on Georgia Street was attacked by anti-war activists. Buckets of red paint where thrown against the window and a sign reading ‘Bring the War Home’ was posted to the front door.

The action co-insides with the imminent arrival of top NATO commanders who are holding a meeting in Victoria.

In a statement forwarded to several anti-war organizations the message read in part, “This small act was made in hopes to escalate anti-war activity. Our marches and speeches have done little to end this war. While the majority of Canadians desire its end, the government, military and their corporate sponsors continue killing unarmed civilians in Afghanistan.”

“This paint represents the blood spilled in the occupation of Afghanistan, where NATO’s generals don’t care about civilians bombed in their homes or starving in camps, and where human lives are extinguished as cannon fodder for illegal war”.

“This paint represents the blood spilled in the occupation of Canada. From Innu territory to Gustafson Lake.”

“By bringing the war home we mean to inflict economic and political damage upon the war machine. Our actions will intensify.”

“Unlike most mainstream anti-war organizations we do not call for the troops to be brought home to further colonial genocide on indigenous land. We fight to abolish state terror at home and abroad.”

[Published on mostlywater.org, September 7, 2007]

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Teen suspect in RCMP detachment fire escapes custody

Monday, August 27, 2007
CBC News

A teenager facing arson charges in connection with a fire that destroyed the new RCMP headquarters on a northern Manitoba reserve has escaped police custody.

The $1.4-million RCMP detachment was scheduled to open in December on the Opaskwayak Cree Nation, a community of about 2,300 people across the Saskatchewan River from The Pas, Man.

The building, which was about 75 per cent complete, was mostly destroyed in a fire that broke out early in the morning of Aug. 14.

The suspect, whom Bannon described as  “up-and-coming” gang member, was arrested and charged with arson later that week, RCMP Sgt. Tracy Bannon told CBC News on Monday.

RCMP had the suspect, 15, in custody at the detachment in The Pas last week with two other youth who were being held on unrelated matters.

Bannon said the three overpowered guards at the detachment and escaped.

“Basically the three individuals who ended up escaping assaulted the two guards and escaped out a side door,” Bannon said Monday.

“We were able to find two of the three individuals who escaped south of The Pas probably about six hours later, but we are still looking for the one youth, which happens to be the youth that has been charged with the arson.”

Police believe other individuals may have been involved in the detachment fire.

Construction crews plan to start from scratch on a new RCMP detachment on the reserve in September.

“OCN, they’re very pro-active in policing, and them wanting their own detachment just shows they’re striving for independence, and by this happening, it’s a bit of a knock I guess towards them,” Bannon said.

“Somebody’s trying to stop their efforts in moving forward.”

Earlier this month, RCMP picked up four 12-year-old boys in connection with the same fire.

Bannon said it has been determined they were involved with a house fire that occurred the same night as the detachment fire — but they were not involved with the detachment fire, he said.

The house fire was accidental, Bannon said, and the boys were not charged.

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