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3 dangerous criminals escape jail

Paul Cherry, The Gazette [Montreal, Quebec]
Monday, December 17, 2007

Three men considered armed and dangerous escaped from the Montreal Detention Centre with the aid of a ladder they used to scale a wall.

A fourth inmate, at what was formerly known as the Bordeaux jail, was also part of the apparently well-planned escape but broke his leg when he fell off the ladder.

Constable Rémy Guilbert, of the Sûreté du Québec, said because all three of the men who escaped should be considered armed and dangerous because of their criminal pasts. All three escaped in a car that was waiting for them outside the detention centre.

Alain Ste. Marie, 36, in particular has a lengthy criminal record that includes several convictions for armed robbery. He was being held at the detention centre while awaiting trial on a total of 62 charges, including

several counts of armed robbery. Ste. Marie is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds.

Stéphane Bissonnette, 25, had two cases pending, one for armed robbery and the other for possession of cocaine. Bissonnette is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 183 pounds.

Laurent Bousquet, 28, was awaiting a possible trial for armed robbery and recently completed a 14-month sentence for an armed robbery on the South Shore.

Guilbert was unable to say how the men were able to access a ladder for their escape.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the three men can contact the SQ at [phone number removed].


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Bear Mountain Resort Office Festively Decorated

[Posted by night owls on December 16th, 2007, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

On the night of December 15, 2007 the bear mountain resort office in Langford BC was festively decorated in solidarity with tree sitters blocking the way to the proposed highway interchange to bear mountain. Even more so in solidarity with all those resisting ecological destruction, resisting the continued colonization of Coast Salish territories and all the indigenous territories across turtle island. Colonization is still alive and rampant, it is land theft and displacement not only for peoples and their cultures but for the non-humans, the plants, animals, land and water. The current developments on Bear mountain are a gross symptom of the urban sprawl and ski resort development mania that is being spurred on by the 2010 Olympics. No 2010! No Bear Mountain! This land is not for sale! Capitalism’s voracious appetite has eaten enough, protect endangered Gerry oak ecosystems, protect sacred sites, honor indigenous title.

Let the cover of night unleash your wild desires, the urge to destroy is a creative urge. The urge to create is an act of joy. Live your dreams.

—the night owls

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RCMP kept officer’s child porn charges quiet

Chad Skelton, CanWest News Service
Published: Friday, December 14, 2007

VANCOUVER — A North Vancouver RCMP officer has been charged with possession of child pornography, a fact the Mounties kept quiet for more than four months.

Court documents obtained by the Vancouver Sun show Const. Andrew Ugrica was charged on Aug. 10 with one count of possession of child pornography.

Since then, he has made two court appearances — one on Sept. 12 and the other just this past Thursday — but the Mounties have never publicly announced the charges.

RCMP Sgt. Pierre Lemaitre said he wasn’t told about the case until he made inquiries on Monday, after receiving a call from the Sun.

“That one was not on my radar. This is the first I’ve heard of it,” he said. “Normally, with charges like that, we would put a release out.”

Indeed, over the past two years, the Mounties have sent out at least a half-dozen releases on people being charged with possession of child pornography.

Sgt. Lemaitre said he doesn’t know why the force’s Professional Standards unit, which investigated Const. Ugrica, didn’t tell him about the charges.

“I don’t know if something fell through the cracks,” he said.

And the general public weren’t the only ones kept in the dark.

City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto said the Mounties also didn’t brief him about the case at last week’s police management committee meeting.

“I’ll certainly be asking some questions on Monday when I get back to the office,” he said.

Const. Ugrica is currently suspended without pay, said Sgt. Lemaitre.

Court records show Const. Ugrica is scheduled to appear in North Vancouver provincial court on Jan. 29 for an intended guilty plea.

However, Const. Ugrica’s lawyer, Jack Harris, said in a phone interview Friday that nothing is official “until a guilty plea is entered.”

Mr. Harris is also the lawyer for Const. Khomphet (Kam) Khamphoune, a Richmond, B.C., RCMP member who was charged with six counts in June after what police described as a lengthy child-pornography investigation.

Const. Khamphoune was charged with tampering with evidence, breach of trust, and various firearms-related offences — but no child-pornography charges.

He is scheduled to go to trial July 14.

Mr. Harris refused to say Friday whether the Ugrica and Khamphoune cases are connected.


Ex-cop charged with 1970s sex offences (October 2007)

Police veteran skirts jail in child porn case (July 2007)

Police target prostitutes near Pickton trial (July 2007)

RCMP officers face sex-related criminal charges (June 2007)

Violence and Abuse Against Indigenous Women and Children
(Warrior Publications)

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Guelph, Ontario: Hanging Up on Bell Canada!

[Submitted by anon on 2007-12-13 to anarchistnews.org. Square brackets in text found in original posting.]

Dec 12, 2007

By the time you read this letter 2 vans belonging to your adored Bell Canada Enterprises have already been disabled. Their engines are nothing more than the smoking vestiges that our fires have left behind.

This action was done to show our direct solidarity with the individuals arrested and charged as a result of the ongoing “Green Scare”. It was also done because every day is a good day to attack your tumor building-insect killing-repression supplying company.

Michael Sabia, you are the ceo of Bell. You are a member of the North American Competitiveness Council [NACC] and are therefore a part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership [SPP]. You are a sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in British Columbia. We suppose that you did not get your fill of colonizing Turtle Island with you past involvement in the Canadian National Railway [CN]. The services that you, your corporation, and others contributing to the SPP, provide us are the facilitation of trade across borders that are applied as the vice-grips of the Ruling Order. Vice-grips that squeeze the water, trees, wildlife, etc. out of our community; mash our repressive system into union with the rest of North America; create lists that impose the identity of “criminal”, “illegal”, “threat”, etc. on people whose roles in society possess the least power and subsequently the least property: the ones in conflict with you and this society.

We continue to see these borders, and those who police them, used to criminalize and isolate people who refuse to submit to the terror of State Capitalism. Along with the Green Scare victims, John Graham has recently been extradited to the US, Leonard Peltier met the same fate, and natives across Turtle Island [Tyendinaga, Six Nations, etc.] have also been subjected to conditions created by the very repressive system that Bell, Linamar, Scotiabank, CN Rail, and others reinforce through the policies they create [like the SPP] with State leaders throughout North America. These policies, which have no jurisdiction in the sovereign territories of these natives, are policed by an armed mafia of badge wearing extremists who see no injustice in their application of electrical, chemical, and lethal weapons that have injured and killed so many; but the weapons are not the problem.

As the water, forests, and general land base is stolen from us, so too is our freedom.

If we cannot live free in the world you are pushing on us, then we have no choice left but to burn it down. What difference does it make to be forced into a prison within a prison, or the prison you have covertly built around us? Michael, there is no separation between actions taken against the prison system and those that target this prison-like world.

How can we enjoy a world in which our time is stolen by a wage, and all we get in return is your shitty information technology that keeps us in this cage?

Do us all a favor and fire yourself like we fired your vans.

In solidarity with prisoners, those in conflict with Prison, and its world,

-Not “Green Scared.”

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Rocks from mother earth hurl themselves at Re/Max Real Estate Corp.

[posted by anon on December 11th, 2007, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

December 10 Coast Salish territory (Vancouver, BC Canada)

To show solidarity (as in shouldering some of the burden) with all those fighting the Sun Peaks development on unceded Secwepemc territory, and the Olympics in 2010 the windows of a Re/Max office at 2808 Kingsway were thrown in. From the roman empire that gave conquered lands to its military strongmen, to the feudal lords of the European middle ages paying off their debts owed to city merchants with pieces of “real assets”, to the Re/Max office trailer sitting in the mud of development at Sun Peaks ski resort, “real estate” has always meant stolen land and destroyed lives. From our point of view, every autonomous act, every insurgent event, every liberating attack against hierarchal power is an act of rehumanization, an affirmation of a life which won’t take it lying down.

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Yet, another anarchist attack on the Royal Bank of Canada!

[Posted by “John Groves” on December 11th, 2007, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

The night of December 9th, Coast Salish Territories, Hastings and Nanaimo, Vancouver.

I was so inspired by the action on Dec. 8th and the new Olympic Events Announcement that I was left with no choice but to immediately pledge my support for the proposal to expand the spirit of 2010 with the extension of amateur vandalism against the Royal Bank of Canada. The only way I could think to do this at the time was to cast a stone through the front window of the RBC on Hastings and Nanaimo. “The greatest thing about this new Olympic sport is that it can be enjoyed by our spirited youth not just around Vancouver and Whistler but in almost every city across Canada” RBC spokesman John Groves.

Whether with a team or on your own, its up to you to enhance the countdown to 2010.

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One more attack on the Royal Bank of Canada and new Olympic event announcement

[Posted by anon on December 9th, 2007, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

December 8 Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC Canada)

One more attack on the Royal Bank of Canada and new Olympic event announcement.

On the night of December 8 some anarchists attacked the Royal Bank of Canada (a sponsor of the 2010 Olympics) at the intersection of 1st and Commercial. Some exceptionally large pieces of pavement were hurled through the bastards windows. This is a tiny taste of the mayhem we like to see submerge the city of Vancouver for 2010. Lets build a constellation of revolt that threatens not only the Olympics but capitalism and the state in general. We propose a new sport to be added to the 2010 games, amateur vandalism of Royal Bank of Canada locations across Vancouver and Canada. But unlike most sports you don’t have to wait until the 17 days of official events to begin competing You can start right now!!! It’s as easy as picking up a stone!!! Don’t forget a gold medal will be given for the most damage at a single location. Here are some locations in Vancouver where the activities might 😉 be taking place.

650 41st Avenue West
685 Hastings Street West
1000-1025 Georgia Street West
2208 41st Avenue West
1195 Pacific Boulevard
1255 Ross Road, North Vancouver
1497 Broadway West
982 Howe St
400 Main Street
945 Denman Street
4501 10th Avenue West
3935 Oak Street
4205 Dunbar Street

p.s. this is not a complete list

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