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Prison Disturbance in Quebec

On February, 26, 2008, at about 11:30 pm, 13 prisoners at the Port-Cartier Institution, a federal maximum-security penitentiary in Quebec, refused to return to their cells after the evening’s activity period, according to a news release by the Correctional Service of Canada.

Officials say the incident took place after contraband tobacco was seized from a prisoner. “Irritant agents” were used and an emergency response team was deployed to end the disturbance, after which all the prisoners returned to their cells.

Physical damage has been noted in the range where the incident occurred and some activities within the Institution have been temporarily suspended. The Warden ordered that those prisoners who took part in the incident be confined to their cells while the situation is assessed.

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VANOC Clock Rocked – Ottawa

[Posted by Ottawa Anarchists to ottawa.indymedia.org, 10.03.2008]

After a month of waiting, we’ve finally struck the VANOC Clock counting down to the 2010 Corporate Circus. Sorry for the delay.

Last night, we finally got around to paint-bombing the hideous countdown clock that VANOC (Vancouver Organizing Committee) has blighted the streets with. We would have done it while they were unveiling the thing, but we decided it would be more conducive to our liberty to do it under cover of darkness, rather than in front of a large crowd, many cameras, and a line of pigs (police).

We fight the 2010 Olympics and the masterminds – VANOC – because of what the Games really are: social cleansing, colonialism, and environmental destruction. The 2010 Olympics hide these evil works (and the goal of corporate profit) behind the veil of “international friendship” and “athletic competition”. In solidarity with the poor and Indigenous peoples of Coast Salish and all who struggle against this Corporate Circus, we will disrupt and shut down every VANOC event – as we have so far – and relentlessly target its corporate co-conspirators.

Riot 2010!!!

~Ottawa Anarchists

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Nature Helps Anarchists Hit RBC… Again

[Posted by Ottawa Anarchists to ottawa.indymedia.org, 05.03.2008]

Mother Nature provided the ice, we provided the arms, the RBC provided the windows in another assault in our relentless campaign against them and all corporate sponsors of the 2010 Corporate Circus on stolen land.

The early morning of March 5th, 2008 saw yet a further taste of the royal dish of vengeance we are preparing for the Royal Bank of KKKanada, and all corporate sponsors of the ecocide/genocide of the 2010 Corporate Circus (“Winter Olympic Games”) on unceded Coast Salish territories in the west. The windows of the 1st Ave and Bank St location of RBC, Ottawa, were thoroughly smashed. This time, Mother Nature provided the tools for the assault – a block of ice mixed with the poisonous salts of the city road crews, hardened to a beautiful projectile.

RBC finds itself the continued target of our campaign because of its complicity and blatant support of imperialism, racial profiling, and exploitation advanced by the Security and Prosperity Partnership (final ratification in 2010). The company’s CEO, Gordon M. Nixon chairs the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), one of the key proponents of this exploitative and repressive NAFTA + “homeland security” initiative.

RBC is targeted also for sponsoring and profiting off of the gentrification, environmental destruction, and colonialism which characterize – indeed, are the entirety of the 2010 Winter Games. This Corporate Circus will see further theft of the land of Indigenous peoples, as well as causing (already!) the repression of the poor of Vancouver.

Beyond the above, we target the RBC because it is a bank, the central component of the capitalist state which is responsible for global and domestic exploitation of the working classes for the profits of the ruling elite and their bourgeois puppets.

These attacks are carried out in solidarity with Indigenous peoples of Coast Salish, the poor of Vancouver, and all those who struggle against the Corporate Circus that serves nothing but the ultimate god of this society: profit.

We call all those who oppose oppression, exploitation, and racism to take up the struggle against the perpetrators! It’s as easy as picking up a rock!

Riot 2010!
~ Ottawa Anarchists

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Wild interchange exchange

By — Jason Youmans
Monday Magazine [Victoria, British Columbia]
Mar 05 2008

A new dimension was added to the ongoing saga of the Spencer Road highway interchange in Langford last week when a group of 30 off-ramp opponents were confronted by more than 100 Bear Mountain construction workers on the shoulder of the Trans Canada Highway.

In the tussle that ensued among some of those present, banners were torn amid heated exchanges over what the proposed cloverleaf interchange means for Langford.

Watching the clash of opinions unfold was Bear Mountain project manager Les Bjola.

Queried by Monday whether he had a role in organizing the counter-rally Bjola replied, “I did,” quickly adding, “Well, [the workers] actually organized themselves in as much as they are fed up.

“We don’t have a problem with peaceful protest if they want to be peaceful,” Bjola continued. “The problem is [the protestors] have escalated it. They have made it dangerous and somebody is going to get hurt.”

Protestors say they received word from two separate sources that some of the participating construction workers were paid for their Friday morning services, though both Bjola and Scansa Construction manager Kory Gronnestad deny that claim.

“That’s not something that was brought up,” said Gronnestad.

“Not that I’m aware of,” said Bjola.

Clashing protestors ‘a traffic issue’

West Shore RCMP managed to muster a grand total of five uniformed officers to attend the fracas outside the Spencer Road Shell station on Friday—one of the most tense moments in the past year’s campaign by environmental activists to highlight damage the sprawling high-end housing development is doing to the eco-system in the area.

Readers might remember that on February 13, West Shore RCMP organized between 50 and 70 police officers—RCMP have yet to confirm the total number—to oust a handful of protesters from the site of the proposed interchange.

“It’s all done with regards to risk-assessment,” said RCMP Cst. Tasha Adams. “This was more of a traffic issue than anything.”

Adams says West Shore RCMP were not aware Friday’s counter-protest was set to take place, although both the construction workers and environmental advocates received advance notice of the others’ intentions.

Barrie v. Quigg: Round one

While Bear Mountain developer Len Barrie tries to sort out his $1.4 billion “contractual thing” with QBM Developments Inc., some observers have been left to wonder whether Barrie knew something the rest of Langford didn’t.

A statement of claim filed by QBM in B.C. supreme court on February 20, alleges, amid a wide-ranging list of grievances, that Barrie told the firm “that a new Bear Mountain interchange was being built by [Bear Mountain Master Partnership] to connect to the Island highway and that construction would be complete on the interchange by the end of 2008.”

That’s a bold prediction considering Barrie’s associates on Langford city council have yet to pass the local area service bylaw that would allow construction of the interchange to begin—though the city recently began clearing the land with gusto—and B.C.’s inspector of municipalities has yet to sign off on the $25 million loan needed to finance the cloverleaf interchange.

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Anarchists Target RBC- AGAIN!

[Posted by Ottawa Anarchists to ottawa.indymedia.org, 03.03.2008]

On the night of March 1st, 2008, the Elgin St Royal Bank in Ottawa was – yet again – the target of the resistance to the ecocide and genocide perpetrated by VANOC and its corporate sponsors in the manifestation of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Yet again, the windows have been smashed in an act of solidarity with the poor and homeless of Coast Salish (Vancouver-Whistler), with the evnironment, which will be further destroyed as a result of the Corporate Circus, and with Indigenous peoples whose lands and cultures are being co-opted for the sake of corporate profits.

We targeted the Royal Bank of KKKlanada not only because of its sponsorship of the ecocide and genocide that is the Winter Olympics of 2010, but also because the CEO of RBC, Gordon M. Nixon, chairs the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), a group of corporate elites behind such destructive and harmful policies and initiatives as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The SPP will see greater criminalization of immigrants and minorities, increased exploitation of the poor and grossly increased corporate profits at the expense of the working classes.

We reject any system that allows the exploitation of anyone by another!

Down with the RBC – supporter of domestic and global exploitation!
Down with the RBC – tool of colonialism and oppression of the Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island (“North America”)!
Down with the RBC – accomplice to genocide and ecocide!

Riot 2010!

~ Ottawa Anarchists

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Vehicles damaged at construction site

Times Colonist [Victoria, British Columbia]
Published: Friday, February 29, 2008

West Shore RCMP are investigating the vandalism of work vehicles at the Spencer Road/Trans-Canada Highway interchange project.

Police were called to the site yesterday about 7:30 a.m. when work crews discovered that five vehicles had been damaged some time overnight. The windshields were covered with white paint and a wiper had been torn off. Cost of the damage, including downtime for damaged vehicles, was estimated at just over $2,800.

Anyone with information is asked to call the West Shore RCMP at [number removed] or Crime Stoppers at [number removed].

The interchange project has been the site of ongoing protests, and two people were arrested earlier this week for blocking workers.

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