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[Accused] Arsonist released on bail

The Montreal Gazette [Quebec]
Friday, May 23, 2008

MONTREAL – A Quebec court judge has released a McGill University research scientist, charged with torching a Montreal police cruiser, on bail of $5,000 and a promise to go to hospital to be examined by a specialist.

Lonny Erickson, 40, was arrested just after midnight on Wednesday after a cop from Station 35 in Rosemont district saw a man trying to set fire to a police car parked in the station’s Bélanger St.  parking lot.

The man, who was in possession of accelerant, tried to escape but was arrested near the corner of Bélanger and St. André Sts., Constable Anie Lemieux reported. The vehicle was a total loss.

Erickson was arraigned Friday on charges of arson, possession of material for arson purposes and mischief causing damages of $5,000 or more.

Judge Serge Boisvert imposed a publication ban on the hearing. Among the bail conditions, Erickson had to surrender his passport, stay at home from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., inform police if he has to travel, to take any medication prescribed by doctors and not consume or have in his possession any illicit drugs, medication not prescribed by a physician or alcohol.

Erickson has a doctorate in public health, a master’s degree in clinical sciences, and a B.Sc. in physiology from McGill.

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Police close investigation on Montreal playoff riot with 56 arrests

Canadian Press
May 16, 2008

MONTREAL [Quebec] — Montreal police have wrapped up their investigation into last month’s hockey riot after arresting 56 people.

At least five police cars were torched and other property was smashed April 21 after the Montreal Canadiens eliminated the Boston Bruins in the NHL playoffs. Officers made 23 arrests at the time of the riot and 33 others in the days that followed. The alleged rioters face charges of vandalism, arson and assault.

Montreal police credit the public for helping with the investigation after some 300 citizens submitted hundreds of photos and videos taken during the action.

The police department points out in a release that none of the people arrested actually attended the game.


Controversy over bail for Native man accused of attacking police cars

From the Montreal Gazette, April 26, 2008

…controversy was sparked by Quebec Court Judge Juanita Westmoreland-Traoré’s decision Thursday to grant bail to Davin Johnny, 33, an aboriginal living on welfare in Montreal.

Crown prosecutor Dominique Potvin told The Gazette he is considering appealing the decision. He would not comment on the judge’s ruling.

Potvin told the court Thursday that Johnny had been videotaped jumping on the roof of a police cruiser, smashing its lights, as well as helping to set two cruisers on fire after Monday night’s NHL playoff game.

Furthermore, Potvin said, Johnny told police he had destroyed the cruisers and would continue to vandalize police cars because he “hates the pigs.” Nevertheless, Westmoreland-Traoré released Johnny on bail with a 10 p.m. curfew and ordered him not to enter the area around the Bell Centre.

In delivering her judgment, the judge noted: “We have to take into account the fact you are a native American.” She added that aboriginals are “disadvantaged in our society, and that is sometimes shown by the heavy rate of underemployment and alcohol.” She also noted that Johnny has a minor criminal record of marijuana possession and theft. He is undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse, the judge said.


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Anonymous attack on Kiewit construction truck

24 Hours Vancouver, Canada – May 14, 2008

An anonymous 2010 Winter Olympics foe torched a Peter Kiewit Sons Co. construction truck at a private residence, not a worksite, 24 hours has learned.

A newer-model yellow pick-up truck with Kiewit’s logo on the driver’s side door was in the Vancouver Police impound lot under the Cambie Bridge’s south end yesterday. The entire front end, including the engine, and windshield were destroyed by fire.

Const. Jana McGuinness would not release details “as the investigation is ongoing.”

Calls to Kiewit offices in Richmond and Edmonton were referred to Omaha, Neb. headquarters. Spokesman Kent Grisham would not discuss the matter.

The May 9 posting on the mostlywater.org blog said the truck was set on fire on the night of May 7. The motive was Kiewit’s contract to expand the Sea-to-Sky highway, “the main artery for the Olympics.”

The unknown author misspelled both Kiewit and Harriet Nahanee, the late Squamish Nation protester jailed for blocking Kiewit crews at Eagleridge Bluffs in 2006.


Vandals hit truck tied to 2010

24 Hours Vancouver, Canada – May 13, 2008

An anonymous blog message claimed responsibility for torching a truck belonging to Peter Kiewit and Sons construction on the night of May 7.

The May 9 message on mostlywater.org referred to Kiewit’s work on the Sea-to-Sky highway, “the main artery for the Olympics.”

“This is not the first act of resistance to PK+S and hopefully not the last,” said the posting.

The author of the message misspelled the name of Harriet Nahanee, the Squamish Nation elder who was jailed for blocking Kiewit crews trying to expand the highway through Eagleridge Bluffs in 2006. Nahanee died in early 2007 after her release.

Anarchist blogs have buzzed with activity since last fall with similar anonymous messages recounting window-smashing incidents at Vancouver, Victoria and Ottawa branches of VANOC-sponsor Royal Bank of Canada.

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Guelph: Arsonists Hit Developers

[Contributed by Anonymous to news.infoshop.org, May 15, 2008]

On the night of Friday April 25th, the same night Mohawk land in Tyendinaga was being attacked by armed Ontario Provincial Police, four dump trucks owned by Priori and Sons and contracted by Reids Heritage Homes were destroyed by fire causing between three and four hundred thousand dollars in damages. On the side of one truck a scrawled note read “Get The Hell Out Of Tyendinaga”

The trucks were targeted because of the environmental destruction these two companies cause turning forests, creaks, rivers, and farmland into concrete and death. They were also selected to send a message to all other developers, currently encroaching on native land, your developments are the continuation of a war on native people started long ago, get out of native land everywhere. Finally, we send a message to all state forces CSIS, RCMP, OPP, and Police. Let this be a sign of days to come.

When you attack natives anywhere, we will attack you everywhere!

To all who love life and resist death
as we are liberated from our fear our presence liberates others

-spread news widely

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Another Royal Bank of Canada hit by Anarchists (Vancouver Coast Salish Territories)

[Contributed by Anonymous to news.infoshop.org, May 13, 2008]

On the night of May 12/13, we smashed at the RBC on Broadway and Yukon. One more contribution to the increasingly “unmanageable” anti-olympics resistance, Tom Quiggin, this one’s for you.

For those of you who don’t get the above reference we are referring to the recent security document [published] by Tom Quiggin (http://friendsofgrassynarrows.com/item.php?802F). In this document he warns that the small actions that have been multiplying over the last year amount to a potential new terrorist threat.

We believe that this small amount of revolt can become a threat to the 2010 corporate agenda. Not because of the actions in themselves but because for every one of us who picks up a match or a stone, there are many more with just as much contempt for this world of profits and prisons, who are just as eager as we are to escape from the graveyard of submission.

In the document Quiggin makes special note of the reference to individuals such as the heads of Bell & RBC in the communications of other recent actions. He hints that this is a sign that we and our allies are developing terrorist tactics. Tom, you bastard, you and all of the other pigs of this world cooperate in terrorizing us every day of the week. Doing your best to keep us down while your system and all those who profit from it continue sucking us dry, spewing poisons into the precious earth, commit genocide of traditional indigenous people and attacking anyone who struggles to live outside and against your established order.

Their forces of repression are very strong, but our passion for freedom is much stronger.


-Tom Quiggin group

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Mission armed robbery suspect escapes RCMP custody

Saturday, May 10, 2008
CBC News

A man arrested in the armed robbery of a convenience store on Friday has escaped from custody in Mission, B.C.

RCMP offered few details on David Glen Moody’s escape, except to say that he was outside the detachment when he assaulted his escort, ran down an embankment and made his getaway in a truck from a nearby works yard.

Police wouldn’t say whether he was handcuffed at the time, but an officer pointed out that since he was able to run away “it is kind of apparent he wasn’t shackled.”

Police recovered the vehicle, but Moody remains on the loose.

The Emergency Response Team, local police and the dog squad have been called in to track him down.

Moody is 5 feet 6 inches tall, 135 pounds and was last seen wearing a white muscle shirt and white boxers. He has no previous criminal record.

Anyone seeing him is urged not to approach him and to contact the RCMP [says the RCMP and CBC].

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May 7 Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver): Truck belonging to Kiewitt & Sons lit on fire.

[Posted by anonymous to friendsofgrassynarrows.com, May 8, 2008]

On the night of May 7, 2008 we set fire to a Kiewitt & Sons work truck. Peter Kiewitt & Sons is currently working on expanding the Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler, the main artery for the Olympics, also paving the way for investment into land exploitation, tourism and development. This is not the first act of resistance to PK+S and hopefully not the last; in [2006] people occupied eagle ridge bluffs to prevent its destruction by the Sea to Sky highway. PK+S filed an injunction causing the arrest of camp occupants and the imprisonment of Squamish elder and warrior Harriet [Nahanee] who died shortly after suffering illness in prison.

PK+S constructs the spaces that house many institutions of physical as well as social control including; air force and navy operations centers, mines, dams, highways, and industrial nuclear experimentation facilities. This act, for us, was an attack against repression and those who construct its systems.




Kiewitt & Sons
by anonymous on Thursday, May 8th at 5:01 PM

Nahanee not Nahanne. sorry about the typo.


by corrector on Friday, May 9th at 1:50 PM

The Eagle Ridge Bluffs occupation and arrests took place in 2006 not 2007.


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Weekend fire burns three dump trucks

Guelph Mercury [Ontario]
April 28, 2008

A Saturday morning fire at Prior Trucking, at 34 Hood St., engulfed three dump trucks at the business in flames.

The fire was quickly brought under control and extinguished. It is still under investigation and the cause has yet to be determined. A fourth truck sustained damage from radiant heat.

The trucks were parked outside at the time of the fire and no buildings were involved.

An estimate of damages was not available last night.

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APTN Covering Vancouver/Tyendinaga Solidarity

Tyendinaga and Six Nations Solidarity Action on Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, B.C)

[Posted by attendee, Apr 29, 2008, to seattle.indymedia.org]

Yesterday, April 28, 2008, about a hundred Natives and non-Native supporters marched along and blocked-off a major trucking route in East Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory, for several hours starting at about 3:00 PM, in solidarity with the struggle at Tyendinaga and Six Nations. The march was led by elders and stopped for drumming and singing at a few major intersections, causing massive traffic jams.

Banners read:

Hands off Tyendinaga Mohawks
OPP = VPD (They’re all gangsters)
Natives Resist State Oppression

Signs read:

Solidarity is Our Weapon

A few photos of the action can be found here:


Two short bystander youtube videos of the action [have been removed]


On Friday April 25th at 2:45pm EST Ontario Provicial Police (OPP) surrounded the quarries in Tyendinaga demanding the surrender of the Mohawks who were resisting an encroachment into Mohawk territory by the construction of a development site. The police drew their guns and violence ensued on the part of the police. Earlier that week, the OPP swarmed Mohawk Territory in response to halting of construction on the sit by a group of warriors.

The purpose of this action is to show KKKanada that first people will stand united against police oppression and the governments theft of our lands.

Actions have already taken place in Awkwesasne and Kahnawake.

The Tyendinga resisters are still holding strong despite arrests, physical violence inflicted on young people (a young man had both arms broken by police), guns pointed at children, and despite news reports that denied these facts.

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Guelph: Settlers block Highway 6

[Posted by Richard Nixon on April 29, 2008, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

Last night, a group of settlers blockaded Highway 6 at Paisley Road in Guelph, Ontario. Our blockade consisted of a flaming barricade, construction pylons, and about 20 people. This blockade was erected to oppose and draw attention too the continued OPP siege in Tyendinaga and the continued state repression of not only indigenous communities, but all of us. We chose Highway 6 because it is the same road being blockaded by members of Six Nations, also in solidarity with Tyendinaga. These blockades are spreading and will continue to spread with growing momentum until all stolen land is returned.

It only takes a few people and last night we demonstrated that. We hope this can be a model for other communities and encourage you to respond locally. As the Railway Ties Collective said in May of 2007, “Real solidarity means shouldering some of the burden of struggle.” Return all stolen land. Free all political prisoners. Abolish all hierarchies.


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