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Protesters facing court injunction
Developer fed up with land dispute

February 25, 2009
Rachel De Lazzer
The Hamilton Spectator
HAGERSVILLE (Feb 25, 2009) [Six Nations territory, Ontario]

Pressure was mounting yesterday for natives to leave a housing development site where construction has been delayed for four months.

Developer Voortman & Associates Ltd. is seeking a court injunction to keep natives away from the site and plans to be on site at least four days this week.

The natives have blocked workers from developing the 46-unit condominium site on Main Street North several times.

Company officer John Voortman says he’s at “wit’s end” trying to move things forward on the 2.4-hectare site.

Workers returned to the site Monday for the third time since seeking the injunction last fall, only to be prevented by about 10 members of the men’s fire circle, parking their cars in front of one of the excavators.

Natives arrived at 6:30 a.m. yesterday before the workers, who planned to return today and tomorrow.

“Every day (the contractor) is there and not able to work, I’m sure it’s going to cost a few thousand dollars easy,” Voortman said.

OPP officers told him yesterday that they would read a declaration to the natives every day and ask them to leave.

“They’re going to say that we own the land, we have total rights to the land and we’re able to work on the land and they have no rights to be there,” Voortman added. “They will give them 15 minutes to vacate the site and then after that they could be charged with mischief.”

Voortman says he is still waiting for a court date for the injunction. He says the natives are stalling and previous court dates for the injunction have been postponed twice.

Both sides were in court Feb. 13 when three members of the men’s fire circle asked that the hearing be delayed a few weeks until they could bring someone from their circle with the appropriate authority.

Workers attempted to resume construction in October and again in December.

A member of the men’s fire circle who goes by the name Whoodat, said they would stay on the land until the workers left.

OPP Detective Matt Watson said criminal charges would be laid if any actions meet the criteria.

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Arson suspected after fire burns construction site

Updated: Sun Feb. 22 2009
ctvtoronto.ca [Ontario]

An early-morning fire has destroyed a group of Mississauga townhouses near Burnhamthorpe Road East and Ponytrail Drive.

It is the third time in less than a week that a construction site in the west end has caught on fire.

Const. Wayne Patterson of Peel Regional Police told ctvtoronto.ca the townhouses were “fully engulfed in flames” when emergency crews were called to the scene at around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday morning. It took about an hour to extinguish the blaze.

The townhouses were still under construction, Patterson said, and the fire damaged eight townhouse units. There are about 20 units in the complex.

He said the fire will be treated as suspicious until proven otherwise.

Mike Head, platoon chief with Mississauga Fire Emergency Services, told ctvtoronto.ca that the units were about 60 per cent complete.

“It’s suspicious because the units were unoccupied and there was no hydro connected to the units so there was nothing to ignite the fire,” he said Sunday afternoon.

An investigator with the Fire Marshal’s Office agreed, telling reporters at the scene that “there’s nothing in there accidentally that caused this fire.”

The FMO, Peel police and MFES are still at the scene, surveying the damage, which is estimated to be at around $1 million, Head said.

The developer of the project said they will rebuild the homes.

“It’s not something we wanted to see happen but we’ll rebuild and get past it,” Julien Diciano, with Dunpar Homes Inc., told CTV Toronto.

The fire also damaged Rogers cables that provide Internet and Internet phone service to area residents.

More than 400 customers living in the area bordered by Bough Beeches Boulevard, Ponytrail Drive, Etobicoke Creek and Fieldgate Drive were affected.

Workers were on the scene all day repairing the damage but customers will likely not see a return of their services any earlier than Sunday afternoon.

Last week, Peel police investigated two separate incidents in Brampton. Two residential construction sites, just blocks away from each other caught on fire, destroying a row of homes.

Authorities say they suspect the fires were caused by an arsonist but can’t confirm if there is a link between the three incidents.

“Right now it’s just another set of townhouses, same set of circumstances, but right now there’s nothing to suggest that they’re linked or anything like that,” said Mike Ross with the OFM.

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Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade Lights Up the Streets!!!

February 12, 2009 – no2010

Torch Protest Feb 12, 2009 [British Columbia]

photo by thedarkerside.to

photo by thedarkerside.to

copyright by christian webber

From 150-200 people participated in the Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade marking the 1-Year Countdown to the 2010 Winter Games on Feb 12, 2009 in downtown Vancouver. After rallying at Victory Square at 6PM, where a ‘torch of resistance’ was lit and used to burn a Canadian Olympic flag, the demonstration marched to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where a 2010 concert was taking place and dozens of police were assembled to stop any possible disruption. From there, the protest moved up Georgia St. to Burrard, stopping at various corporate sponsors, including the Hudson’s Bay Company, Royal Bank of Canada, Bell, and CTV. About a dozen torches were lit on the protest route, which ended at the ‘Countdown Clock’ located at the Art Gallery. Several targets were hit with paint bombs, including the clock as the rally ended. There were no arrests.

The protest was organized by the Olympics Resistance Network;
Email: olympicresistance(at)riseup.net or visit: http://www.No2010.com

Resist 2010 ! No Olympics on Stolen Native Land !

Check out the image gallery at: http://www.no2010.com/node/791

copyright by christian webber

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Vandals plaster Drive in fight against policing centre
Posters accuse police of murder, promise revenge

Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier [British Columbia]
Published: Friday, February 13, 2009

Anonymous vandals targeting the Grandview Woodland Community Policing Centre on Commercial Drive have plastered the neighbourhood with posters asking for help in forcing the non-profit centre from the neighbourhood.

On Wednesday, the Courier reported that vandals threw rocks through the windows of the centre three times in the past three months and that the centre faces a $16,000 bill to replace the glass and install protective rolling shutters. Grandview Woodland CPC board member Eileen Mosca told the Courier Thursday morning that by Wednesday evening the Drive was plastered with posters, which read, “We need countless pissed-off residents to openly denounce–in whatever way they can–the CPC, it’s oppressive function, and the larger policing institution it sustains.”

Mosca said the poster was an altered version of a poster she designed to raise funds to pay for the first set of replaced glass. The centre’s volunteers were raising money by recycling old cellphones, which bring $1 a piece. At the top of the poster where Mosca had initially written, “Urgently needed: 2,740 discarded cellphones,” the altered version reads: “Urgently needed: 2,740 discarded projectiles.”

At 1:30 a.m. Thursday, a Vancouver Police Department video surveillance camera caught two people postering the front of the centre, which is now boarded up with plywood. But as in the past, the suspects were dressed in black clothing, including dark hoodies and masks, making them difficult to identify. Mosca called the act “cowardly” because the people behind the actions won’t identify themselves or take responsibility for their actions. She wants to hear from a group member to find out their concerns.

The posters accuse the policing centre of being an “institution of social control working in the interests of the rich and promoting gentrification in the Commercial Drive area… They attempt to convey a friendly, community-oriented image in order to conceal the true nature of their activities.” Another poster found on the Drive includes photographs of several men who’ve died during police incidents with messages that read, “Murdered by police” and “What goes around comes around.” At the bottom of the poster are recent photographs of the vandalized centre, with “Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre” written below.

Mosca said one woman she spoke to about the posters said she hasn’t seen such paranoia regarding the police since the 1960s. Mosca said the vandals’ attempts to gather community support has backfired.

“At first people were dropping in here donating $20 or just showing their support because of the windows, but now they’re mad,” she said. “I had a guy drop in Wednesday night and he was livid. He said ‘Who are these people?’ He had already torn down 10 of the posters.”

Mosca suspected the people behind the posters and vandalism are also responsible for placing anonymous posters along Commercial Drive last March asking for support in running a young family out of the community. The posters expressed anger because the family was supporting a parks board plan to redevelop Grandview Park.

The latest poster promises more vandalism until the centre closes permanently, something Mosca said won’t happen.

“This has made us even more resolved to stay on the Drive,” she said. “And it looks like the community is behind us. We’re not going anywhere.”

Michelle Barile, executive director of the Commercial Drive Business Society, couldn’t comment on the posters, but said the policing centre is an important part of the community.

“We’ve worked collaboratively with them on many projects, like Movie in the Park and other BIA food bank fundraising events,” said Barile. “It’s a great resource to the community and we welcome their presence.”

The VPD did not return phone calls before the Courier’s press deadline.

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‘Anarchists’ return to smash new windows
‘We are not police,’ society says

By Cheryl Chan, The Province [British Columbia]
February 9, 2009

A community policing centre on Commercial Drive is in desperate straits after being targeted three times in recent months by vandals.

The Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre, which had its windows and door smashed to smithereens, is now operating behind plywood — and in debt — after the attacks.

“We’re gobsmacked,” said frustrated board member Eileen Mosca. “It’s not theft, it’s not mischief. They’re basically anarchists.”

Mosca believes the centre is a “sitting duck,” targeted because of its association with police, despite it being a volunteer-run non-profit society.

“We’re not police, we’re not a police station, but we’re a handy target,”

she said. “They wouldn’t go down to 2120 Cambie [Vancouver police headquarters] and throw rocks at them there.”

After the first attack in November, the centre replaced two panes of glass at a cost of $2,740. To raise money, it started a cellphone drive to collect 2,740 discarded cellphones to recycle for a dollar each.

On Jan. 25, vandals returned and smashed the new windows the centre is still trying to pay off. Then early Friday, vandals struck again, smashing the two remaining panes and the glass door.

Damage is estimated at $6,000 and metal shutters, which Mosca said they would be “fools not to install,” would cost another $10,000 to $14,000.

The organization had four other incidents of vandalism in previous years. Its insurance policy was cancelled after the second hit. Neither the city nor police can offer financial assistance.

Police have video footage of two people dressed in black hoodies with black bandannas obscuring their faces and using rocks to smash the windows in one attack.

The centre is now fighting to stay open and is appealing to the community to help raise funds.

“If we shut down, they win,” said Mosca.


Vandals threaten future of policing centre

Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier [British Columbia]
Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Eileen Mosca, a board member with the Grandview-Woodland Policing Centre on Commercial Drive, the vandals who’ve smashed the windows on the storefront office three times in as many months are

“They’re too chicken to take it out on the police so they’re targeting us, a non-profit here to help the community,” Mosca told the Courier Monday morning. “It’s obvious they’re trying to make a political statement, but they’re targeting the wrong place.”

In November vandals threw rocks through three of the centre’s five windows. Mosca said the cost to replace the glass was $2,740, of which $740 is still owed to the company that completed the repairs. On Jan. 25 the vandals returned and smashed the three panels of glass once again. Since the centre hadn’t paid off the windows from the first incident, plywood was installed in place of glass. Then on Feb. 6 at 3 a.m. the vandals returned and threw rocks through the remaining two panels and smashed the glass on the centre’s door. Mosca believes the same suspects are involved in each incident.

She said working at the centre without windows is dangerous for volunteers because they can’t see who’s walking through the door.

“We’ve got people coming in who are angry, drunk or have mental health issues,” said Mosca. “If the volunteers can’t see them coming, no one from the street can see what’s happening inside the office either. This is not something we can continue.”

But closing the office, said Mosca, is something she’s trying hard to avoid because it’s likely exactly what the vandals want. Commercial Drive is not only known for its coffee and eclectic shopping, but also for a large number of residents protesting the 2010 Olympic Games and the extra policing the event will bring to the neighbourhood. Some are upset the ice arena at the Britannia Community Centre on Commercial Drive will be used as a practice rink during the Games.

Mosca said the staff who volunteer at the centre are members of the community and help with problems such as stolen property and lost dogs, act as a business liaison and assist with programs such as Block Watch and Citizens’ Crime Watch.

On the plywood covering the windows Mosca and other volunteers, including several children, have written messages to the community in hopes the vandals will read them. The messages describe the centre’s role and include pleas from the children to “please don’t throw rocks.”

Mosca said the only way the office can continue to function is if the volunteers can raise the $8,000 needed to replace the glass, as well as another $10,000 to install vandal-proof rolling shutters. She notes the centre’s programs are funded by the city with support from the Vancouver Police Department in way of a liaison officer. Mosca said her requests for extra financial assistance to city council, the VPD, her local MLA and MP have been turned down.

“They say they just don’t have the money,” she said.

VPD Const. Lindsay Houghton confirmed all community policing centres in the city are non-profit and operated by donation, with the exception of programming money from the city and the support of a full-time police officer at each location.

“There have now been three incidents of mischief at Grandview-Woodlands and the city has been assisting with repairs,” said Houghton.

A VPD security camera caught the suspects on tape, but because the two vandals are wearing dark clothes, hoodies and masks, identifying them is difficult.

Houghton asked anyone with information on the vandalism to call Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers at [stop snitchin’].

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Prison unit in lockdown
Published Saturday February 7th, 2009

By Yvon Gauvin
Moncton Times & Transcript staff [New Brunswick]

RENOUS – Unit 1 at the Atlantic Institution was in lockdown mode yesterday after a group of inmates refused to return to their cells Thursday night, forcing prison officials to call out its emergency response team to quell the disturbance.

No one was hurt and there was no damage in the incident, which began at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday when 36 inmates inside the unit refused to comply with orders to return to their cells for the night.

The incident ended at about 8:30 a.m. Friday.

The lockdown order affecting only the unit is a standard procedure in such instances and usually remains in effect until prison officials feel it is safe to release the inmates. Safety for staff, public and inmates is the first concern, said a prison spokesman.

Officials haven’t said why the inmates refused to leave.

The institution is a maximum-security prison with about 225 inmates.

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Raid in Six Nations

By Janie Jamieson
February 5, 2009

For some time now women and men at Six Nations have been slowly re-asserting their sovereignty . This includes exerting the right to provide for their families within their own well defined homeland. (Turtle Island). This includes exerting their right to provide for their families on their OWN LAND and IN ACCORDANCE WITH THEIR TRADITIONAL LAWS AND GOVERNANCE.

However today the method in which these people provide for their families came under fire. These people operate “smoke shops” on what is traditionally known as Hamilton-Port Dover Plank Road. Today it’s known as Highway 6 south and Upper James Street South and Argyle Street among other things. This parcel was NEVER sold or surrendered by the Mohawks. (The recognition of that parcel being the property of the Mohawks is documented in the Haldimand Deed of 1784). However, Canada laid claim to this parcel despite never providing a “legal” bill of sale. (Don’t you normally keep your receipt of “big box” purchases??? Especially something as important of a piece of land???)

Anyways… Marie Trainor and the rest of Canada has laid claim to this parcel and claims “jurisdiction”. Today for some reason the Six Nations Police (Rocky Smith and Terry Martin were saying they were acting under the direction of Elected Chief Bill Montour and Director of Public Works Dayle Bomberry and also had signed agreements from the above mentioned) moved in and removed all product from one of the smoke shops. They attempted to remove the building itself but they were stopped by our men and women.

The Six Nations Police also claimed the “chiefs” directed them to dismantle the smoke shop, however this has not been verified.

Marked and undercover police were throughout Caledonia and at one point an OPP cruiser was turned back from entering onto Six Nations. This “dry run” was reminiscent of the “dry runs” done at other raids. The police would feign being lost and end up on the reserve. What actually was happening was the OPP were testing to see what our response would be. This helps the police figure out how many and what type of officers will be required and what type of weaponry and media they will need to execute an attack on us.

Some well informed community members and even the Six Nations Police themselves have already stated if the SNP can’t “get the job done” outside authorities will do it.

Six Nations Police had the audacity to call our men “squatters” for building on “band owned land” or “community land” and told one of the men he needed to vacate.This man was also told some of “our people didn’t want him on that land”.

Some of the officers said they took an oath to protect.

Any employee of the crown doesn’t understand birth gives Ogwehowe the responsibility to protect life in all forms. Any crown employee doesn’t understand birth gives Ogwehowe the responsibility to uphold and teach their own law. Birth also gives Ogwehowe the right to provide for their families on their territory in accordance with their own law. Ogwehowe are accountable to their mothers, grandmothers, aunties and sisters. Ogwehowe are accountable to their clanmothers, chiefs, clans and nations.

Crown employees are not allowed to understand our way of life nor are they ever allowed to accept it. Crown employees take an oath to uphold a way of life that is created to destroy Ogwehowe. The Crown has always existed to undermine and tear apart the Ogwehowe. It was proven again today at Six Nations.

It’s obvious the SNP and Six Nations Band Council have a lot of lost men and women on their “force”. Hell even Merle Haggard got it… wasn’t it him who put it so simply and straight forward…”They love their milk and honey but they preach about some other way of living… When your running down my country hoss you’re walking on the fighting side of me…”

Anyways, things are slow at the negotiating table. Despite the recession booming and the housing market coming to a crashing halt, illegal development continues.

Despite the recession booming, some Ogwehowe women and men are still able to provide for their families without Canada or Band Council’s assistance. So it seems like an attempt to spice things up was made today.

Despite the corporation of Canada being the largest employer on Six Nations, some just won’t buy into that and will continue to feed, clothe and shelter their families under traditional law. It just doesn’t matter how big the “gun” or pay check is on the other side…

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Boy charged in arson that gutted B.C. lieutenant-governor’s home

Thursday, February 5, 2009
CBC News [British Columbia]

A 13-year-old boy has been charged with arson, breaking and entering, and theft following a fire last weekend at the private home of B.C. Lt.-Gov. Steven Point, police said Thursday.

The RCMP arrested the boy, from a First Nations community in Chilliwack, B.C., on Wednesday evening, Cpl. Peter Thiessen said.

The arrest was made after members of the community assisted police in their investigation, Thiessen said.

Police are still investigating the motive for the arson but said it’s not political.

“There is no political component to this.… There are some other possible motives that come into play, but at this point, it would be premature to comment on that,” Thiessen told CBC News in a telephone interview.

Point and his family were not at their home on the Sto:lo First Nation reserve near Chilliwack when the arson took place Sunday morning.

No one was injured in the fire.

The RCMP have since increased security for Point and his family.

The fire caused considerable heat and smoke damage in the home and little was salvageable, although the structure was intact, police said at the time.

Point, a lawyer, former provincial court judge and former grand chief of the Sto:lo Tribal Council, was appointed British Columbia’s first aboriginal lieutenant-governor in September 2007.

Before his appointment, Point was head of the B.C. Treaty Commission.

Point has four children and 11 grandchildren.

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Incident at Regina jail results in lockdown

Monday, February 2, 2009
CBC News [Saskatchewan]

Some inmates at the Regina Correctional Centre received cuts and bruises on the weekend when a vandalism incident sparked more problems.

It started Saturday night when an inmate ripped a sprinkler head off the ceiling of his cell. That led to more rowdy behaviour from other inmates, Ministry of Corrections spokeswoman Judy Orthner said.

Three inmates barricaded themselves in their cells with mattresses.

“Sometimes what happens when you have inmates in the same unit, somebody will do something,” Orthner said.

“Somebody will do some mischief, somebody might push or shove somebody, and that typically gets everybody else interested in joining the activity.”

The incident happened in unit two, which is a high-security area of the jail, she said.

The situation went on for about six hours before the three barricaded inmates could be removed from their cells.

The jail was put under a lockdown until the next morning.

There were minor injuries to some inmates, including cuts and bruises, Orthner said.

The correctional centre is reviewing the incident.

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