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Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade Lights Up the Streets!!!

February 12, 2009 – no2010

Torch Protest Feb 12, 2009 [British Columbia]

photo by thedarkerside.to

photo by thedarkerside.to

copyright by christian webber

From 150-200 people participated in the Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade marking the 1-Year Countdown to the 2010 Winter Games on Feb 12, 2009 in downtown Vancouver. After rallying at Victory Square at 6PM, where a ‘torch of resistance’ was lit and used to burn a Canadian Olympic flag, the demonstration marched to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where a 2010 concert was taking place and dozens of police were assembled to stop any possible disruption. From there, the protest moved up Georgia St. to Burrard, stopping at various corporate sponsors, including the Hudson’s Bay Company, Royal Bank of Canada, Bell, and CTV. About a dozen torches were lit on the protest route, which ended at the ‘Countdown Clock’ located at the Art Gallery. Several targets were hit with paint bombs, including the clock as the rally ended. There were no arrests.

The protest was organized by the Olympics Resistance Network;
Email: olympicresistance(at)riseup.net or visit: http://www.No2010.com

Resist 2010 ! No Olympics on Stolen Native Land !

Check out the image gallery at: http://www.no2010.com/node/791

copyright by christian webber

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‘Anarchists’ return to smash new windows
‘We are not police,’ society says

By Cheryl Chan, The Province [British Columbia]
February 9, 2009

A community policing centre on Commercial Drive is in desperate straits after being targeted three times in recent months by vandals.

The Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre, which had its windows and door smashed to smithereens, is now operating behind plywood — and in debt — after the attacks.

“We’re gobsmacked,” said frustrated board member Eileen Mosca. “It’s not theft, it’s not mischief. They’re basically anarchists.”

Mosca believes the centre is a “sitting duck,” targeted because of its association with police, despite it being a volunteer-run non-profit society.

“We’re not police, we’re not a police station, but we’re a handy target,”

she said. “They wouldn’t go down to 2120 Cambie [Vancouver police headquarters] and throw rocks at them there.”

After the first attack in November, the centre replaced two panes of glass at a cost of $2,740. To raise money, it started a cellphone drive to collect 2,740 discarded cellphones to recycle for a dollar each.

On Jan. 25, vandals returned and smashed the new windows the centre is still trying to pay off. Then early Friday, vandals struck again, smashing the two remaining panes and the glass door.

Damage is estimated at $6,000 and metal shutters, which Mosca said they would be “fools not to install,” would cost another $10,000 to $14,000.

The organization had four other incidents of vandalism in previous years. Its insurance policy was cancelled after the second hit. Neither the city nor police can offer financial assistance.

Police have video footage of two people dressed in black hoodies with black bandannas obscuring their faces and using rocks to smash the windows in one attack.

The centre is now fighting to stay open and is appealing to the community to help raise funds.

“If we shut down, they win,” said Mosca.


Vandals threaten future of policing centre

Sandra Thomas, Vancouver Courier [British Columbia]
Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To Eileen Mosca, a board member with the Grandview-Woodland Policing Centre on Commercial Drive, the vandals who’ve smashed the windows on the storefront office three times in as many months are

“They’re too chicken to take it out on the police so they’re targeting us, a non-profit here to help the community,” Mosca told the Courier Monday morning. “It’s obvious they’re trying to make a political statement, but they’re targeting the wrong place.”

In November vandals threw rocks through three of the centre’s five windows. Mosca said the cost to replace the glass was $2,740, of which $740 is still owed to the company that completed the repairs. On Jan. 25 the vandals returned and smashed the three panels of glass once again. Since the centre hadn’t paid off the windows from the first incident, plywood was installed in place of glass. Then on Feb. 6 at 3 a.m. the vandals returned and threw rocks through the remaining two panels and smashed the glass on the centre’s door. Mosca believes the same suspects are involved in each incident.

She said working at the centre without windows is dangerous for volunteers because they can’t see who’s walking through the door.

“We’ve got people coming in who are angry, drunk or have mental health issues,” said Mosca. “If the volunteers can’t see them coming, no one from the street can see what’s happening inside the office either. This is not something we can continue.”

But closing the office, said Mosca, is something she’s trying hard to avoid because it’s likely exactly what the vandals want. Commercial Drive is not only known for its coffee and eclectic shopping, but also for a large number of residents protesting the 2010 Olympic Games and the extra policing the event will bring to the neighbourhood. Some are upset the ice arena at the Britannia Community Centre on Commercial Drive will be used as a practice rink during the Games.

Mosca said the staff who volunteer at the centre are members of the community and help with problems such as stolen property and lost dogs, act as a business liaison and assist with programs such as Block Watch and Citizens’ Crime Watch.

On the plywood covering the windows Mosca and other volunteers, including several children, have written messages to the community in hopes the vandals will read them. The messages describe the centre’s role and include pleas from the children to “please don’t throw rocks.”

Mosca said the only way the office can continue to function is if the volunteers can raise the $8,000 needed to replace the glass, as well as another $10,000 to install vandal-proof rolling shutters. She notes the centre’s programs are funded by the city with support from the Vancouver Police Department in way of a liaison officer. Mosca said her requests for extra financial assistance to city council, the VPD, her local MLA and MP have been turned down.

“They say they just don’t have the money,” she said.

VPD Const. Lindsay Houghton confirmed all community policing centres in the city are non-profit and operated by donation, with the exception of programming money from the city and the support of a full-time police officer at each location.

“There have now been three incidents of mischief at Grandview-Woodlands and the city has been assisting with repairs,” said Houghton.

A VPD security camera caught the suspects on tape, but because the two vandals are wearing dark clothes, hoodies and masks, identifying them is difficult.

Houghton asked anyone with information on the vandalism to call Greater Vancouver Crime Stoppers at [stop snitchin’].

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Canada: Anarchists Sabotage Bank

[Submitted by anon on Sun, 2009-01-25 to anarchistnews.org]

On the 19th of January we sabotaged a Scotiabank location in Canada. We inserted glue and pins into two of the locks and poured glue over the keypads of the ATM machines and glued the cardslots after inserting homemade blank plastic cards. Scotiabank is a sponsor of the Security & Prosperity Partnership(SPP) which will be ratified in the year 2010 along with two other Capitalist Spectaclesthe G8 meetings & Olympic games taking place the same year.

The present/future they seek for us is one of complete social control through the use of “intelligent surveillance systems”, “biometric technoligies”, and hyper militarized borders. The city streets/buses/subways/work places are always under the watchful eye of the state/cops/bosses. This prison society we live in is not so different than the warehouses of cheap labour millions of people have been forced into across North Americas prison systems.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our most heartfelt solidarity with all those fighting this poisonous system and to make a proposal that we use the lead up year to these events as an opportunity to inspire a renewal and intensity of actions that we saw throughout Canada the last two years. It’s not that we think excuses for action are necessary considering the state of things but a coordinated year of creative & diverse actions could be a powerful expression of our collective anger and desires for a brighter future. We hope this call reaches you in good spirits and look forward to your responses.

Never let the fuckers rest!


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Vancouver December 13, RBCs (Royal Bank of Canada) still getting smashed.

[Posted by anon on December 15, 2008, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

On Saturday the 13th December a group of anarchists smashed the windows of the RBC at Hastings and Nanaimo. We took the slogan from Greece “SOLIDARITY MEANS ATTACK” to heart. Against domination in all its forms from Olympic development and police murder on Coast Salish territories (Vancouver) to their equivalent in Greece and the world over.

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Vandals target McDonald’s

November 29, 2008
Guelph Mercury staff [Ontario]


Three windows were broken at the McDonald’s at Gordon and Wellington streets late Thursday or early yesterday, Guelph Police said last night.

Damage from that and graffiti on the building is estimated at $5,000.

The graffiti indicated the vandalism was the work of anarchists opposed to the 2010 Olympics, police said last night.

Any witnesses can call Constable Leslie Rulton [stop snitchin’].

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RBC Attacked in Victoria, BC

[Posted on November 10, 2008, to no2010.com]

In the early hours of Saturday November 8th [2008] I paid a visit to the Royal Bank on Cook St. in Victoria, BC. The locks were glued, ATMs were disabled and painted, and anti-2010 and anarchist slogans were painted on the property.

The Royal Bank (RBC) was targeted because of its role as a major corporate sponsor of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, as well as the fact that the CEO of RBC, Gordon M. Nixon, chairs the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), a key group of corporate elites behind such damaging initiatives as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). RBC was also targeted because it is also a bank, an institution at the root of society which perpetuates systems of capitalism, exploitation and silencing.

May these sparks add to the growing flames.

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Sheriff Van and Police Cruiser Firebombed
August 6th, 2008
Coast Salish Territories (Vancouver), Kanada

[Posted to 325collective.com]

In plain daylight in the afternoon of August 6th, we firebombed two vehicles belonging to the police. One was a sheriff van parked in front of the courthouse on Main st, located south of Powell st. The other was a police cruiser parked on the south-east corner of Main and Hastings st, it was empty because the pigs were in the middle of conducting an arrest.

That afternoon’s gossip in the downtown east side was one of sheer happiness found in the shared appreciation of seeing a sheriff van burn in front of the courthouse doors.

What bliss must have been felt by the people locked inside awaiting their trials in that despicable house of injustice. Those who live in the downtown east side struggle together daily to survive beneath the booming development which continues to exclude them to an existence of poverty and prison.

Along with the police and private security; the courts, sheriffs, and judges continue to enforce the orderly and lawful circulation of commodities and money with limitless social control.

Their complicity is present in the example of development, police repression and prison. They should expect no less than burning vehicles and creative expressions of our contempt.

We hope this act will spark communication and create new relationships of collaboration in struggle.

Our choices move beyond run, hide and prison. There are endless possibilities to be found in the conspiracy of attack.

We chose to act between the days of August 1st-7th because of the call for solidarity by 500+ prisoners in German prisons and around Europe who are on hunger strike. Our love is sent to the comrades who continue to refuse the life of passivity and silence, inside and outside the walls of prison. For the freedom of Amadeu Casellas Ramon, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, [Marco Camenisch], Jose Fernandez Delgado! Freedom for all Prisoners!

May our willingness to revolt spread our crimes of passion through their quiet cities and into the solitude of prison! We are bound to annihilate their prison-world!



Acción en solidaridad con los presos anarquistas [Canadá]

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Probation Office Attacked in Solidarity with European Prisoners

[Posted by Annon on August 7, 2008, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver BC, Canada)

Late on the night of August 6th a probation office on Commercial Drive had its front window smashed with a chunk of cement. This was done as an act of solidarity with the hundreds of prisoners in Europe participating in a mass hunger strike from August 1-7th. Particularly with the anarchists, Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Jose Fernandez Delgado.

This was also in solidarity with Amadeu Casellas. Amadeu is an anarchist who has been imprisoned by the Spanish state for 25 years. He started a hunger strike on 22nd of [June]. In a communique released on July 18th he made the statement “Freedom or Death”.

More info: http://www.325collective.com


Amadeu Casellas

[Posted by solidario on August 8, 2008, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

Amadeu Casellas says he’s been on hunger strike since June 22 not July 22. The translation on 325collective.com is mistaken on the month.




Acción en solidaridad con los presos anarquistas [Canadá]

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Guelph, Ontario: Anarchists paint bomb statue of John Galt

[Posted by pokpkojgf on August 5, 2008, to friendsofgrassynarrows.com]

In the wee hours of the morning of August 4 anarchist settlers used a ketchup bottle to apply red metal paint to a statue of John Galt in front of City Hall. August 4 was Guelph’s first ever John Galt Day. The town was awash in festivities and celebrations honouring John Galt and the plan he developed for the founding of the city of Guelph back in 1827. But who is this John Galt character?

John Galt was a Scotsman who worked for the Canada Company. The Canada Company was based in England and was the largest single commercial force active in the colonisation of Upper Canada (more or less present day Ontario). The company purchased 2.5 million acres of land from the illegitimate government of Upper Canada and worked to settle and develop it by providing ships to transport new immigrants, by advertising land for sale in the “new world” to Europeans, and by selling land at an affordable price to those looking to escape the horrors of industrial Europe.

Despite its arrangement with the government of Upper Canada the Canada Company did not have a legitimate claim to the land as it was already owned and used by a number of indigenous nations. This fact is often conveniently overlooked.
John Galt’s job with the Canada Company was to explore the area and asses the possibilities for development. However, in 1827 he devised a plan for an ideal city and on April 23 walked many hours into the undeveloped bush in order to found the city of Guelph by falling a tree at what is now the intersection of Wellington and MacDonnell.

In many ways Galt’s plan for the city of Guelph was remarkable for its time, but how did his plan include the indigenous people of this area. The fact remains that it didn’t.

In fact, although not a particularly pious man himself, Galt made sure that the Catholic Church, an organisation infamous for its attempts to destroy indigenous nations through the use of missionaries and residential schools, received a prominent place in the town. From just about anywhere downtown you can see the spires of the Church of Our Lady towering above you.

Some suggest that the special favour shown towards the Catholic Church had much to do with Bishop MacDonnell, who provided a substantial portion of the funding necessary for the formation of the Canada Company and the purchase of the land in Upper Canada.

The Catholic Church and the Canada Company worked to settle and colonise the “new world,” Upper Canada, and Guelph at the expense of indigenous populations. John Galt was actively engaged in that process and helped lay the foundation for genocide of unimaginable proportions.

John Galt’s own words foretold the horrific consequences of the Canada Companies agenda of genocide on the day he ceremonially fell the first tree in the founding of the city of Guelph. He wrote that “the tree fell with a crash of accumulating thunder, as if ancient nature were alarmed at the entrance of social man into her innocent solitudes with his sorrows, his follies and his crimes” (the Autobiography John Galt, P. 58-59). To celebrate John Galt is to celebrate the foundation of colonisation and genocide among other follies and crimes of European men.

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Fight against Gentrification continues in Halifax

[Submitted by anon on July 3, 2008, to anarchistnews.org]

[Halifax, Nova Scotia]

In the early morning of July 2nd, a condominium on South Street was attacked by Anarchists. Though in a wealthier area of Halifax, a condo is still a condo and must be fought wherever they are built. Windows were smashed with rocks and the side attacked with paint bombs. It’s time we all take a stand against these gentrifying giants. If you build it, we will come!!

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